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Did you know?

The average health insurance DEDUCTIBLE a person can expect to pay is $1,491 with single coverage and $2,788 with family coverage (1). And then your insurance company will start to pay a benefit based on your coverage…but did I mention that doesn’t include any of your premiums yet?

This may matter if you experience a radical negative change to your health this year. But if you are like me, you are doing things to stay healthy. And our insurance isn’t really intended to help relieve the minor stresses that we feel from our proactive efforts. That part is up to us. Just like changing the oil in your car or brushing your teeth, preventative maintenance is an act that can typically benefit you in the short and long run.

The idea of wellness care in Chiropractic is not new. 50 years ago someone in my profession would recommend regular visits to their office in an attempt to prevent Dis-Ease in your body. The philosophy surrounding the “Chiropractic Manipulation” has evolved over the past 124 years. (yes, Chiropractic became a thing in 1895) My personal philosophy regarding adjustments is that they are a valuable piece to the puzzle most of the time. Functional and or structural limitations can be a reason for you to need an expert, like myself, to manipulate some of the joints in your body. Over my career I’ve tried to spend as much time as possible with my patients to give them the best value I could provide. I’ve had immense success with those patients who were very diligent to continue with any exercises or self help techniques that I’d taught them during our time together. As a result, I understand a lot more about how to help people. Once the effectiveness of a treatment has peaked, it’s time to move on and continue to reinforce through education. My goal is to introduce the tools and tricks I’ve learned during my career to help you become the healthiest version of you.

My new Lowest Effective Dosage model of care won’t take very long to integration into your life. In the short term, the effects will feel very dramatic as you begin to commit to an entire process of testing a retesting yourself to ensure you aren’t leaving any stone unturned. In the long term, you will continue to feel the compounding effects of what consistent and focused Chiropractic care can help you with. I’m not interested in curing any of your ear aches or digestion issues with an adjustment, that’s not something I even think would work. But I am interested in helping to assess your body to find it’s limitations and overcome them through my role to educate you while I work. Stiff and sore necks and backs are my specialty. Wonky shoulders, pinching hips? Those are up my alley too. Recently been in a car accident that you weren’t hospitalized? Me also. Sports related injury? Me again, but more specifically because I do have an advanced degree in exercise and sports science that I feel is a way that I’ve been able to set myself apart and to continue an ever growing and changing discipline within healthcare.

The overarching theme that I want people to feel when they work with me is that I’m here to help. I have studied a lot of different ways to do that and I will continue to work just as hard to remain relevant and informed. I’m a buzzword guy sometimes too so if you like evidence based outcome driven results then you are here. I respect the correct interpretation of scientific principle and will always strive to implement those guiding laws and theories into my ever evolving practice. Because in the end that’s what I’m doing. Practicing until you’re perfect.


Jim Thornburg