Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation aka adjusting or popping of joints. sometimes a restricted motion is being caused in part by a joint or multiple joints and a manipulation can assist in getting that desired range of motion back to where it needs to be. 


Soft Tissue Manipulation

Massage therapy is one type of soft tissue manipulation. Often times more aggressive or specific soft tissue manipulation can be more helpful and be better for your individual need. different types of Soft tissue manipulation that we offer include graston technique, dynamic muscle pinching, cupping and dermal traction with cupping movement assistance. 




 as a certified rocktape function movement tape provider we exclusively use the rocktape brand. however kinesiotape in general and as a technique can be very useful as a tool for pain management and rehabilitation. if you think it will work or it won't, you are probably right. as controversial as this topic has become the risks are minimal and the upside can be great. as an aid to assist the input that your skin and therefore your spinal cord and brain thereby receive to help your movement patterns and strategies to succeed in your recovery.


Rehabilitation Exercises

100% of our cases include some form or exercise as a part of your treatment plan. the learning or relearning at times of correct and proper movement can be a challenge when confronted with so many sources of information. the truth is that there isn't a one size fits all or a perfect way for any one person to move. but the strategy to help you move best doesn't have to be a challenge and we can help you figure out a successful plan to attack your pain.